Be seen, Be found! The right moves to appear in Google’s top results

Making a quality website is a series of big and small efforts that need to be stacked correctly. If you want your website to do the magic, to bring visibility which may result in business, you need to get involved in the technicalities of it. Search Engine Optimization is, of course, the most efficient way of scoring the jackpot. Here are some SEO optimization and link building techniques that you’d like to refer to and implement for your website.

Choose the correct words

The way you present the content on your webpage is just as important as the content itself. The most efficient way to showcase your content to your target audience is to make use of keywords. However, the question you need to ask yourself is this: Are you using the correct keywords? It is not necessary that your potential customers would describe the products in the same way as you. Thus, it becomes necessary to use the kind of words which are universal and most likely to be used. Most importantly, avoid stuffing the content with keywords. An optimum usage which keeps the content communicable is always preferred.

Fill up all the blanks

I hate to break it to you, but your responsibilities towards SEO optimization do not end by just using the correct keywords. Features like Meta descriptions and image tags play a pivotal role in increasing your content’s visibility. Naturally, it becomes important to provide relevant data to these features.

Row away from piracy

If you think you could get away with some copy-paste with your content, let me tell you this- Google hates plagiarism. If your content does not appear to be original and authentic, your webpage is likely to get dismissed as spam. So while you’re putting all these efforts in optimizing your webpage, make sure you go the extra mile to create authentic content.
Build a website that you’d like to navigate through yourself
With abundant information available online, think of this- why should a user click on your website? No one likes to spend their valuable time surfing through a website in a clueless manner, failing to find information they’re looking for. Remember that we all like websites that are fast, mobile friendly, and easily navigable.

Build links the right way

Building links is one of the pivotal aspects of SEO optimization. It refers to exchanging links with other relevant websites to increase your back links. The more relevant pages you link to your website, the better are its chances of appearing in top results. If the websites you are building links with are well ranked and popular, it increases your chances all the more. Linking to top-shot websites which provide similar content and are popular amongst users affirms Google that your website is not spam, and that the user is more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Moreover, website maintenance is a high priority task. Check your site for broken links and find a way to fix it. This will prevent your site from going down in the long run.

That’s all with the tips. Before you publish your website, I hope you have checked everything off the list. Remember that this kind of meticulous effort in the beginning can go a long way.

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