Digital Marketing trends that will still dominate 2018

Digital Marketing is all about the trends that keep changing with the new technology. These trends encourage the businesses and brand to interact with their consumers and create awareness. Here are the top trends of 2018 that have stood strong for years.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one such trend that continues to be prominent in the digital marketing era.
It proves to be a strong media of communication. You can reach the desired audience who leverage the use of social media and communication devices. This allows the businesses to share the relevant information to the targeted audience across all channels.

Today, top brands focus on delivering a strong message behind every promotion. And video marketing can help them achieve this rightly. A powerful content and right platform can help you make profits and reach the maximum audience.

With the popular demand for video marketing, social networks and other digital media make it easier for the audience to consume videos. With features such as broadcasting, it becomes easy to communicate with mass.

Sharing Notes

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat host millions of users across the world. In mid-2017, Instagram launched a feature called Insta stories very similar to the one from Snapchat. Later, Facebook also integrated the same. Since then, the stories feature has attracted millions of internet audiences. Also, it includes other features that excite the youth to participate in the league.

In terms of the marketing statistics and analytics, you can get real-time engagements for your business or activity. With this exciting feature, you can create videos, photos and share it within and outside of your network. You can get real-time insights into your posts and stories. With the Instagram marketing tools, you can create stellar stories or strategies. Considered to be one of the best social media management tools, you can market your activities.

Also, you can hire a digital team to create and promote your digital content across the media.

Live Chats/Videos

The live chats/videos have already taken the internet by storm. As per the statistics and reports, around 13% of web traffic from the videos directly comes from live videos. Digital marketers and brands can make real-time engagements with the audiences through live videos and chat sessions.
Live streaming increases the quality and quantity of views. It attracts the users as they can connect to the brand, company or any public figure with spontaneity and ease.
These provide multiple benefits to the brands, businesses and consumers such as:
– Maximum social engagements
– More economical
– Less production cost
– Less editing and
– Time-saving

Some platforms provide features such as saving the video for over 24 hours after the broadcast. This keeps a timely engagement and increases your digital influence over the social media. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many such top social media platforms provide such smart features for maximum outreach.

Sponsored and paid posts/videos

For advertising campaigns and brand promotions, videos can be a perfect choice. YouTube, Google, Facebook and many such platforms provide marketing campaigns to promote your digital existence. You can generate video ads and promote over these platforms with paid campaigns to boost your outreach.

However, to create a greater impact, you will have to increase your ROIs, measure your insights and aim for the right content.


In terms of enhanced digital engagements, e-learning videos is a powerful marketing tool. They can transmit the information in a transparent and visual way. Besides, one can easily capture the actions. E-learning takes the education and training to next level with features like online classrooms. Businesses can promote education, distance learning, train your employees and pitch your clients with new products.

Also, you can integrate marketing, training by delivering strong content with timely rewards for the course. This can increase the customer longevity and increase your brand value.

Virtual Reality

The next big thing is generating and delivering virtual experiences to the audiences. This will surely change the face of digital marketing. It will change the way how brands convey their story to their audience. Businesses can integrate this smart technology into their digital marketing strategies for an outstanding experience. With virtual reality, people can test the products even before buying them.

This is surely the game-changer in the current year and will surpass the other strategies in coming years.

Thus, to get digitally engaged and create a lasting influence in the lives of online audience, it is essential to follow the afore-mentioned trends. Get help from digital marketers, and leverage social media platforms to convey your marketing message to your audience efficiently.

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