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All about Instagram Ghost ban

Shadowban that could Impact your Marketing Strategy What is Instagram Shadow ban exactly? A new term that has affected many Instagram users is the “Instagram Shadowban” or “Ghost ban”. This happens when your hashtags or the ones which you follow suddenly disappear. However, you can still use your hashtags, but it can be visible only…

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Digital Marketing trends that will still dominate 2018

Digital Marketing is all about the trends that keep changing with the new technology. These trends encourage the businesses and brand to interact with their consumers and create awareness. Here are the top trends of 2018 that have stood strong for years. Video Marketing Video Marketing is one such trend that continues to be prominent…

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Steer the Way towards a Digital future

Tips to increase traffic to your website!In this digital landscape, a website provides entrepreneurs with a dais for a presence and allows them to get in touch with millions of potential customers, who are indefinitely online these days. Creating a website for your business is a half battle won, the rest half will be conquered…

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Be seen, Be found! The right moves to appear in Google’s top results

Making a quality website is a series of big and small efforts that need to be stacked correctly. If you want your website to do the magic, to bring visibility which may result in business, you need to get involved in the technicalities of it. Search Engine Optimization is, of course, the most efficient way…

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The Mitochondria’s of WordPress run Businesses

What clicks and what doesn’t to bring in the much needed sales and revenue for the business is a dilemma a lot of beginners face. Even those who have been in the business for a long time can’t predict what would work and what wouldn’t. In the ever shifting ‘tech’tonical plate of search engines, much…

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Becoming everybody’s business with My Business!

We welcome you to an era, where ‘Google’ has become synonymous to a verb rather than as a noun! Beginning as a portal that was used to search important information which not a lot of people had access to, it has now reached every nook and cranny. Trivial to menial –‘Just Google it’ and you…

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