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We welcome you to an era, where ‘Google’ has become synonymous to a verb rather than as a noun!

Beginning as a portal that was used to search important information which not a lot of people had access to, it has now reached every nook and cranny. Trivial to menial –‘Just Google it’ and you are bound to chance upon hundreds of ‘top searched’ and ‘near me’ options in each category. But not a lot of consumers are looking for everything that comes with the drop down list.

As the digital consumption gets more conscious by the day, specificities have carved a niche for particular markets, especially growing business in various sectors. This has also improved the ratio of online appearance for a business and diverting only the correct audience to them. So, when these businesses have pop ups on their location, contact details, website link, reviews all available at one click, for the customers it becomes a great value addition while becoming a backbone for these trades to sustain the competition.

Enter, Google My Business: an easy to access, customer- friendly and responsive tool which enables the business to reach across several Google platforms simultaneously by filling out necessary details about themselves- at the cost of nothing. Through its inline and online system, you get an exemplary review on your metrics and analytics on how fast is your business expanding, while sitting in the comfort of your offices regardless of its physical presence and scalability. What’s more? You can list your details to appear on Google with or without an address.

This function by Google, upgraded from the previously used Google Places for Business or Google+ Pages Dashboard to manage your business information, works in the simple loop of displaying relevant information through an account verification by the businesses to  maintaining a good response rate to tracking and monitoring the insights in real time. In fact, Google My Business complements your existing website by giving your business a public identity and presence as the information you provide about your business can appear on Google Search, Maps, and Google+.  But for its further promotion you would require Google Ads, a paid channel to enhance the desirability of your business offering on Google, to the rescue.

All said and done, it is the perfect tool for those who firmly believe in being self employed. But sometime even they won’t know where to start. Thence comes the initialization of the entire process of establish themselves, starting with a website. But here, there is also a provision to make your own free website builder uses your listing’s information to auto-generate a simple site. You can also add photos or choose from different designs to customize your free website and create active engagements between the audience and the trade. Especially if you are an Agency, Google my Business provides you a multiple location platform where you can manage an entire user group at your convenience.

Making life simpler and easier by connecting to things that are ‘near me’, getting the local edge, and those farfetched products and services in the global market, Google is bridging the gap in the world of technology, each day.

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