The Mitochondria’s of WordPress run Businesses

What clicks and what doesn’t to bring in the much needed sales and revenue for the business is a dilemma a lot of beginners face. Even those who have been in the business for a long time can’t predict what would work and what wouldn’t. In the ever shifting ‘tech’tonical plate of search engines, much need sigh of relief was brought in by the introduction of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugins. It simply refers to a measurable and repeatable process that affects the visibility of your website or web pages in unpaid results. A lot of strategies, techniques and tactics are applied by digital marketing agencies to further what is reaching the visitors in the ball game of increasing the number by obtaining a high ranking placement.

With its extensive use to promote services and products on Google Index, this is especially important, if you are managing the content of your website through WordPress, a free and an open source content management system. But it is a constantly changing platform and may see some big changes as it continues to move towards JavaScript and more modern web technologies than its traditional WordPress PHP basis.

That said, many things will stay the same, such as an SEO plugins checklist that can help boost your site’s campaign and can assist you in generating organic traffic!

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
    Going by its poularity in the world of WordPress plugins for SEO, we surely would like to keep this number here. Most downloaded and thereby, used free software, it helps solve the basic problem of all copywriters: examining the articles and deciding if it’s too complicated to read, and most importantly if it is SEO optimized or not.
  2. All in One SEO Pack
    Well, for this one, everything is surely in a name! It sort of does everything related to SEO, ranging from complex content analysis, social media preview (with a lot more extensive settings for social media than Yoast SEO) to XML sitemap generation, and many more additional features, ‘All in One SEO Pack’ all that you need to get started!
  3. Google Keyword Planner
    Copywriter or not, consider this as a boon to solve all your SEO woes. Type in those important words here or apply the massive insights provided here to find the top niches for your business easily. However, the only thing about it is that you must have an active Google Adword account to see the forecast data exactly.
  4. W3 Total Cache
    Wondering what is the relation between WordPress plugin and Cache plugins? The deciding factor of speed used by Google to measure pages’ SEO level: on both desktop and mobile. As the most recommended WordPress plugin, it increases the speed by serving HTML, CSS and Java script static pages rather than dynamic ones.
  5. Image Optimizers
    Compress and not squeeze is what we would like images in the WordPress site to be, when it’s a product or service in question, as the visual representation is what is getting business after all. Hence, this tool is perfect for those who would like to leave a noticeable impact.

With many more effective softwares and tools such as, Rel NoFollow Checkbox for cutting down diversion from your site; Broken Link Checker, making sure that nothing is 404 again or the Rich Snippet Plugin helping you summarize the contents of your page for easy search ability across all digital platforms, these easy on pocket methods are really grabbing more market share by shaping the present and building a future.

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