All about Instagram Ghost ban

Shadowban that could Impact your Marketing Strategy

What is Instagram Shadow ban exactly?

A new term that has affected many Instagram users is the “Instagram Shadowban” or “Ghost ban”. This happens when your hashtags or the ones which you follow suddenly disappear. However, you can still use your hashtags, but it can be visible only in the hashtag feeds of your followers.

Only your followers will be able to see your posts in the hashtag feeds. This would anyway affect your profile and engagements.

How to check for Shadowban on Instagram?

Here are some ways to check if your account gets shadowbanned on Instagram.

  • Take someone’s help or log into Instagram with another account. Make sure you do not follow the shadowbanned account.
  • Create a post using not so popular hashtags.
  • Look for the hashtags while uploading your next post. If you are able to view your post in the searched hashtags from some different account then you’re not in the shadowban zone. If not, that means you your account has been shadowbanned.

Reason for Account getting Shadowbanned?

There might be multiple reasons as to why your account got shadowbanned or ghost-banned. You might have

  • Violated the Instagram policies.
  • Used some bots.
  • Used foul language in a caption or comment.
  • Commented on random posts.
  • Followed other accounts at once.
  • Liked multiple posts at a time.
  • Abused someone.
  • Used broken hashtags
  • Used same hashtags multiple times
  • Indulged in Automated activities to get more likes
  • Indulged in activities to get more followers

If you might have ever done the above activities, there are chances that you have got shadowbanned.

Let us dive a deeper into the most common reasons for shadowbanning.

Using the same unnecessary hashtags for days

Avoid using the same hashtags for more weeks. Instagram may interpret it as a bot and you might get shadowbanned. Try including new hashtags or limit its usage for the next posts.

Using Automated tools and bots

Strictly follow Instagram’s guidelines and services. If you are likely to violate any of them by buying new followers, more likes on posts, please stop it. Also, stop any bot-like activities. This increases the risks of violating the Instagram guidelines.

Broken hashtags

Some hashtags might be considered against the hashtag rules. Instagram cracks down when you use any such content in the hashtag. It is better to avoid using hashtags that have been banned. Or else your account might get blocked or you may get shadowbanned. Take a look at some of them to play it safe on Instagram.

How to avoid Instagram Shadowban/ Ghost ban?

You can do a number of things to remove the Instagram shadowban. However, if you are using some bot services or any automation tools, chances are that the Instagram algorithm may potentially detect and ban your account.

Here are some tips to avoid shadowban:

  • Do not use any automation tools or bots: Remove the access of bots from your settings immediately. Or if you have used any automation tools to gain followers or likes, immediately remove them.
  • Level down your post count: Try creating few posts for a couple of weeks. Mainly, focus on liking and commenting on posts in a legal way.
  • Do not violate the Instagram policies: To remove an existing shadowban or ghost ban and avoid getting shadowbanned in the future, you have to follow some guidelines. You need to immediately stop using techniques like too many posts in a day or follow too many people. Also, you can lessen your hashtag stuffing on every post. Doing such things can prove you are not doing any bot-like activity.

To conclude, if you wish to enjoy posting on Instagram, make sure you stick to the Instagram guidelines. Moreover, keep a check on your activities mentioned above to avoid getting shadowbanned.

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